Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week One

So Trophy Wife isn't a vase, per se. It is one of my breakthrough sculptures from a few years back, made after several show rejections, and with an exhibit at the Northwest Craft Center looming in the distance. It is made from highfire stoneware with porcelain inlay and a 23k gold leafed addition. About 26" tall. $950.

It could be a great centerpiece for a big dinner party, if one throws big gala affairs with lavish spreads of food. A friend hosts a Dinner Party Show at her gallery, The Blue Dome, and has used my torsos as vases. (
Ahh to have received the hostess gene.


  1. This piece is great...strong, but with humor. What made you decide to go with the little gold arm? Did you have that 1st and made the piece around it?

    Nice site, looking forward to more-
    John Norris

  2. Thanks John. It's funny how this piece came about and became quite significant. The porcelain inlay is all very angry scratch marks kinda taking it all out on the sculpture, and then it just came to me to signal I'd "won" afterwards. I'd been gold leafing my other sculptures and so the it seemed like a great way to make it stand out. The piece without the arm is quite lovely, but turns defiant with it.

    So, this must mean my latest postcard found its way to you. How are things going? Are you still in the area?