Friday, December 12, 2008

15 Second Sculpture at SFMOMA

The challenge by artist Erwin Wurm was public participation to create a one-minute sculpture with props set out in a corner of SFMoma. I took the challenge in a 15 second version. Sticking my head in the wood refridgerator was much easier than the other two balancing acts (5 fruits with head, chest, and legs against a wall, or three brooms in a crucifixion pattern).

Can I add "Sculpture in SFMoma" to my resume? Ha!


  1. I think I have seen this piece in an earlier form but didn't recall how strikingly it looks like a twisted human torso. Was that intentional? Has it been fired yet?

  2. Cynthia was your jacket on top of the fridge supposed to be some part of the performance?? What was the message from the jacket? ;o) Just kidding!!


  3. I was trying to make the most of my "performance" but no one else in the museum seemed to even care!?!!! Pooh on them if they don't see know ART when they see it.


  4. I'd put it on my resume...but that's me :-)

  5. it shows I'm a bit of an exhibitionist at heart.