Monday, May 3, 2010

Showcase 2010

It was the 28th annual (and my 23rd) Ceramic Showcase over the weekend. A day back from the extravaganza in Portland and am exhausted. If you missed it, here is a photo of my booth to give you an idea of what it's all about: trying to show the world the best of my clay work.

I brought flower vessels and all my new serving ware, as well as the two sculptures I completed for the Sitka Invitational. Sold a little of this and a little of that. More of the new leaf/boat bowls and plates. No dinnerware commissions taken but at least a couple possible bites on them. Would've been nice to have sold a "big one" or two.

Got feedback from fellow potters that my backdrop cloths need to change with my newer glazes. My old blue/green glaze used to pop in front of this fabric but the new sages and tans fade into the background a little too much.

Always something to tweak with an art fair booth. And need to MAKE More NEW Designs!
My hats off to the artists who do fairs weekly to make a living!

New images posted recently:


  1. Beautiful booth, beautiful work, Cynthia, as always. Don't lose those background cloths - they are gorgeous and really match the elegance of your work. You might have glaze colors to pop out from them again sometime, meanwhile you get to "redecorate" the living room.

    Laurie C

  2. Thanks Laurie. Sometimes it's just hard to make changes, especially when it means it will cost $$ to do so...