Friday, June 18, 2010

June Firing

Finally a firing after May's big push for Showcase and studio sale. Pieces I'm cooking today are mostly dinnerware again--much of it for Trillium Gallery, some a special order and the rest to take to Real Mother Goose if it turns out. Hope there are good samples of everything for a nice mix & match table setting.

This sunny morning is making it hard to stay in the studio--especially with this box of flowers waiting to be potted.

Three cones down, cone 5 is the next to go...


  1. Like the cone photo! Good thing our weather is so cool! Your kiln shed would be a tad toasty on an 80 degree day plus firing.
    Hope it all turns out great!

  2. I think Mr. Weather Station's record was 130 when the kiln was going on a hot day once... It's a good sweathouse on those days.