Monday, December 27, 2010

Are Customers Always Right?

Have spent many years working to create a signature look for my pottery that relies on spiral embellishments and additions that add to the personality of each piece. More and more people ask for my work without the "fronds" or "arms" or "curly-cues" and in an effort to accommodate I've been trying to make the forms work without.

This version of my tulip vase reworked has a bit wider opening and slightly more feminine curves. She looks like she can stand on her own without my additions.

No matter what it takes, it's good to push ourselves a little bit outside our boxes now and then.

Small Tulip Vase - $36


  1. this is something i've been wrestling with, having done the same signature pieces over decades,when is it time to freshen up the idea and how?
    i think your forms are lovely and stand up without the additions.

  2. Thanks. Yes, I need more than freshening, I need NEW...and that takes more time in the studio than I seem to have.