Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Srap-pile Heart for WCG Extremes! Show
These little Scrap-pile hearts, made from end of the day clay, have taken on a life of their own. I began making them for my local ceramics guild's "Extremes" show encouraging us to make work totally different than our normal fare. I think I succeeded.

After affixing this one onto a nice, inexpensive frame to finish it, it still didn't feel finished. It needed a title or something. The space looked about fortune cookie paper size. Looked through many saved fortunes with sentiments of "This week a financial breakthrough will come to you," and "Accept the next proposition you hear," and decided to write my own.

"Love comes in all shapes and sizes" fits with the idea that these hearts were made from what used to be scraps of clay.

On a technical note, the heart was wired into the frame rather than glued, since pottery and glue have a way of parting. Some of the other hearts were made to epoxy headless screws into them so they can be easy accents on the wall.


  1. This show will be in Corvallis, Oregon at the Corvallis Arts Center... I forget that people outside my local sphere might read these posts.