Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Revisiting an older form

At a customer's request, am trying to make a 22" long boat bowl with feet. Haven't made one of these in years and haven't checked shrinkage in awhile either. This started out over 23" and after the bisque it is already down to being under 22" long. Guessing it will be under 21" after the glaze firing... so would need to make a 24-25" piece to end up with one 22". 

It's got two hairline cracks on the other side from stress pushing it to dry fast and one inside, so now I'm doing what I tell my students not to:  spending time trying to do a patch with glaze, sanded clay particulate, and Apt II to try and fill in the cracks, but knowing my luck they will only open up and get worse in the glaze firing... It's only time and clay and gas to cook the mess. Oh dear.

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  1. experience is the best the idea of this bowl...especially the 'feet'