Monday, April 27, 2009

Showcase Re-cap

Last night Ceramics Showcase ended for me with a bang. Sold "Seafoam Twist," the largest sculpture I brought, during the last hour of the show. Very nice customer who has quite a bit of art in her back yard garden. Hope she remembers to send me a photo once its installed.

This cut-out vase went home on Saturday with some nice folks. "Zipper Vase" - $125.

Attendance for the show was up; hope everyone's sales were too! There were so many beautiful pots there it is still amazing that anyone finds mine in the crowd.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Week to Ceramic Showcase

It's countdown week . . . the firing I did last Friday all needs to be water tested and ground (so I don't scratch anyone's furniture) and then it all has to be sorted, packed and made to fit in the van . . . the fabrics all flame retardant re-treated, toolbox put back together and the lightings tested for burnouts.

I'm in love with the new pieces I have. They could always be better; I've made them only a short amount of time. I've got a good selection of work. I just hope we have some loyal buyers and new members of the public to come oogle and buy. We'll be wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Weeks until Showcase

Took part in Jay Widmer's Anagama Firing at Digger Mtn a couple weekends ago. After purposely stoking wet fir, maple, alder and oak--including a lot of limb wood--for 48 hours, we were anxious to see how things turned out. A week later we found many pots with iridescent patterns in the ash/silica build-up, as well as super warm glows of orange, red and burnt umbers underneath or away from the flame. It was cooler in the back, but some lovely colors nonetheless.
We'll be sure to try for those sparkles again next firing.

This pot is one I showed many moons ago just after making it... It turned out to be my favorite of the firing. A little on the cool side but could never get these marks again if I tried.