Monday, October 31, 2011

What Inspires Us

Ahhh, Europe. No matter which way you turn there is art staring right back at you. Cornices, bridges, on the floor, in the cobblestone, lighting up above. I got to spend two fabulous weeks having time to walk about new streets and sit staring at the clouds passing by.

Perhaps our own home surroundings are just as full-o-art but we just don't have the time to see it as we zoom by. I'll try and keep on the look out more now that I'm back home.

Photos Below:
Bug eating plant at De Hortus horticulture gardens, Amsterdam.
Bridge on the canal, Amsterdam.
"Gluttony??" Small carving on a pew at the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.
Low-tech fancy lighting at an art show in Paris.
Floor of the Grand Palais, Paris, juxtaposed to some artwork at same show.