Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Children Sculptures

About the time I think I may have made my last Happy Child I get an order for one or two. Lucky for me, my last last call was for four of them!

Gail and Cynthia from Fine Eye Gallery (Sutter Creek, CA) called and told me that Fine Eye was celebrating 20 years in business and that they wanted to order several sculptures for the gallery's anniversary. I met them both many moons ago at an ACC Wholesale Market and was so very glad to know they were still going strong. Over the years they've found homes for quite a few of my sculptures.

I've not kept the most immaculate records, but it appears I've made between 75 and 80 of these little sculpture. They've evolved quite a bit from the first rough, but personality-filled figures. Some have had carved hearts; some have had commemorative inscriptions. Friends who know me best laugh that I make such a "cute" thing, but to me they have been a constant process of learning clay as each is a meditative pinch pot from the feet up.

If you want one to dance in your home or garden, here's more about them on my catalog website. $350-$500 retail depending on size.