Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Results

Shown are three finished boat bowls with feet made as a special order for an Etsy customer who wanted something to fit a display shelf. These are all a bit shorter than the 22 inches long she wanted, but I hope they pass muster.

Was a little worried that I was oxidizing the helmer shino at the end of my firing to get the kiln to climb, but these were in the right spots in the kiln and still got the nice burnt orange color I love, and that she requested.

UPDATE: She purchased the second one.
Shipping costs were more than I'd expected. Glad this ended up being 20" so I could double box a 16" into a 20" box. A 24" box costs more than double a 20"-er. Difference of $20-$56!!

The layered glaze workshop had a slight set-back when I managed to blow up the pod pieces I'd created for them to work on. The class still had big enough chunks to sand through their layers and get some results. Shown are a nice variety of textures and variations of sanding techniques from the group.

NOTE: if you stop your programmable kiln in the middle of a cycle, make sure that the temp is BELOW the range you want it to return to, or it will climb to the next stage. The pre-heat went from being a long one to one that was way too short... at least you can see the results of both sides of each pod all in one photo.

Friday, July 19, 2013

First Mini-Workshop

These simple looking pieces belie the many layers of colors layered on them that will soon be revealed. Participants in my first mini-workshop came and glazed last night, inbetween talk about hot-flashes, the mean-street playgrounds on which we played as kids, and things learned in other clay classes.

Next week they'll return to these pieces after they've been bisqued to a lower temp than normal, to sand through to see what they get. Fun for me to see what color combos they chose opposed to the same old tried and true that I seem to do.

This spring I did a major garage and studio clean up with hopes I'd have room to host mini-sessions in my studio. It is an intimate space but seems to work... Next month I'm hosting two stack-making workshops. One is already full, but the second one has two slots open. FMI:  Clay Play with Cynthia

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Revisiting an older form

At a customer's request, am trying to make a 22" long boat bowl with feet. Haven't made one of these in years and haven't checked shrinkage in awhile either. This started out over 23" and after the bisque it is already down to being under 22" long. Guessing it will be under 21" after the glaze firing... so would need to make a 24-25" piece to end up with one 22". 

It's got two hairline cracks on the other side from stress pushing it to dry fast and one inside, so now I'm doing what I tell my students not to:  spending time trying to do a patch with glaze, sanded clay particulate, and Apt II to try and fill in the cracks, but knowing my luck they will only open up and get worse in the glaze firing... It's only time and clay and gas to cook the mess. Oh dear.