Friday, July 19, 2013

First Mini-Workshop

These simple looking pieces belie the many layers of colors layered on them that will soon be revealed. Participants in my first mini-workshop came and glazed last night, inbetween talk about hot-flashes, the mean-street playgrounds on which we played as kids, and things learned in other clay classes.

Next week they'll return to these pieces after they've been bisqued to a lower temp than normal, to sand through to see what they get. Fun for me to see what color combos they chose opposed to the same old tried and true that I seem to do.

This spring I did a major garage and studio clean up with hopes I'd have room to host mini-sessions in my studio. It is an intimate space but seems to work... Next month I'm hosting two stack-making workshops. One is already full, but the second one has two slots open. FMI:  Clay Play with Cynthia

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  1. I wanna come play too! I need to check your schedule out and see if magic can happen. :)