Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Bowls

Was looking at my larger oval serving bowls the other day and thought it'd be nice to have a smaller, deeper serving bowl. Cut out an oval and used my hump form to set up the bottom piece and while it was setting up, cut out 2 sides and bent them into curved U shapes to stretch around each side, and finally a small 1/2" flange circle for the foot.

Voila, bowls with 8 separate construction steps! (Please, no sniggering from the throwing crowd...)

For phase-2 bowls I'll accentuate the two side seams for a bit more pizzazz.

I could also make some three sides bowls in this style to go with the three sided plates. Maybe they don't have to have the flange foot?!? Possibilities are probably, as always, endless.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Doyenne of Dirt's Garden

A few years back Ketzel Levine purchased one of my stacking sculptures from Ceramic Showcase. (She of NPR Weekend Edition fame.) This isn't the exact piece but a similar one that was commissioned to have slightly different colors and decoration.

Well, this month that sculpture made the 'big time' in an article about Ketzel's garden in Portland. The article is in the February issue of SUNSET 54! Thanks to M'liss Runyon for being the first to give me a heads up.

According to Ketzel the magazine has gotten a few inquiries about the piece so will be interesting if anyone actually gives me a ring about ordering one.

Now, gotta remember to pick one up from the store before it's too late.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Time for some new work or at least work glazed and decorated differently. What better than a bunch of little cups to try out in various permutations of the many ideas I have.

The eye opener was that it was harder to make a symmetrical cone shape than it looks. Cut out shape after shape and they all had a short side.

Well, these are just glaze/decoration experiments so guess I shouldn't let their off-center shape bother me...even tho it does a little...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Piling on the Awards...

It's almost getting embarrassing... Another award was bestowed today via The Alchemist Weekly's Reader Poll. Best Potter/Sculptor this time. I'm not sure how I got nominated in either this or the Gazette-Time's poll, but it feels swell. Potters are seldom noticed at all, let alone win awards over other artists...

Now I gotta live up to all this hype!

Thanks everyone who voted.