Thursday, December 29, 2011

Development of a Form

Progression of small Pitchers
Customer reminded me that I used to do small creamers and asked if I still make them? Of course that pattern is long gone so an opportunity to work out a slightly new shape.

I cut a paper pattern and used it to cut out the first pitcher and put it together. A little too petite. 

Made second pattern slightly wider with a broader base for the next couple of pitchers, and then finally used the second pattern and cut about 1/2" wider still on the sides to get the final pieces. The spiral stamp decoration will be the only handle, which will save a lot of fussy construction time.

When I get more clay dried to the right consistency for slabs I'll try an even wider version to see just how far to take it. Plus, after shrinkage these may be smaller than I want them to be in the end. With my paper pattern all I have to do is just make them a little taller as well as wider for the next tweak.
Using a paper pattern can help you tweak forms as you develop them.
Differences in the top from first to final shape

Wider profile fits better in the hand and leaves room for decoration

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is it a Series Yet?

Second Pod
I can blame the lack of production a little bit on the new pup in our household, but that would be wrong. It's really more a matter of not really knowing where these are going. The long lag time between making and firing and whether or not the glazing works out or not is being complicated even further by my desire to wire these up post-firing. That will certainly change their look and it's hard to know what it will be then. Unfinished work is so unnerving. Doesn't help that I kinda need a kiln load worth to be bisque fired at a longer and lower temp than my production stoneware.

The concept for the pod above came about on the back of an envelope after envisioning it strung with a spiderweb-like wiring that may or may not get papered.
Moonscape Pod
The moonscape pod was just a shape that turned into a moonscape along the way. Funny when that happens.

The pod below just came about and changed many times as it was being formed. Still a lot of finish shaping to do, but it's getting there. All three of these are a mix of sculpture and paper clay. The two pods on top have been layered with velvet underglazes

Shell-like Pod
Maybe after I get three of these finished I'll waste a little kiln space and fire them up so I can go to the next step.

Monday, December 12, 2011

So much Greenware, so little time...

I've done it again... clogged my tiny studio with too much greenware I'm having to hop around and keep the dogs from running over. All are pieces I'm not sure how it to glaze/decorate now, and so they sit taking up valuable room and foam padding.

After so many years suggesting to students that one should have a vision of the completed piece in mind as one constructs, I rarely follow my own advice, instead just making shapes and hoping they'll turn out.

These pieces are the start of a couple stacking sculpture. I go back and forth wanting to glaze them differently than the bright colors, stripes and dots I've done before, and then worry that if I put too much thought into it I'll wreck the whole thing for sure. Too much time invested already for that.

If I can find the space, I may start Stacker #2 as some of these pieces may fit better into the next piece than this one. Maybe, just maybe that will help me decide how to bring Stacker #1 to a close.