Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a difference some heat makes

So here's the top of the first twist of the pair fired. What was once subtle layers of color is now a riot of rich, lizard-like skin and bubbles of glaze. Nothing too wrecked, but everything pretty on the edge of going into full boil of mess. This isn't what I expected but I finally got the darker colors that I first got when I started multi-layering and multi-firing pieces.

Boy it's dark but I like it.

Now hope the second one turns out half as good.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Twists

This pair of twists are being created for the Sitka Invitational in November. The one on the right has been glazed with multiple layers of underglaze and bisque fired to a fairly low temp. Next I'll sand through the layers to reveal the different colors and enhance all the marks left by the sureform blade. The sanding is the part that I put off because it is messy and it's easy to go through too quickly getting to raw clay. It takes patience that I seem to lack.

The piece on the left started out a little too narrow, making it seem really unbalanced when complete. Went back and beefed up some of the edges and gave more definition to them to offset it's slightly too large top... here's hoping that works. As soon as it gets bone dry I'll begin the multi-layering glaze process on it.

These look nice as a pair and would be nice to sell them as such, but separates sale great too. Twists - $750-850 each if they turn out (knock on wood!).