Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to Work

Why is it that after completing a couple of deadlines it is sometimes so hard to motivate back into the studio? Suddenly it's too messy to work in (tho it's been like that for months). The laundry piling up in a corner next door is yelling at you. The clay is too wet.

Just to DO something, started with four basic shapes and made myself play around with a bit with decorating. Nothing vastly different but possibly a start to something new.


  1. All that sounds so familiar! At least you made yourself DO something, and some beautiful somethings you made! Will be intersted in seeing where they lead...

  2. oh i feel for you..and i'm laughing so hard just described my house and studio..the laundry is clean ..not folded..and i need a backhoe to get into the studio..than goodness it's break time for a couple of weeks..
    want to spend it reorganzing..EVERYTHING