Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swan Song

Sometimes symbols hit us on the head. 
Forms often turn out much differently than they were conceived.
It's what I enjoy most about the artistic journey.

I'd finished up what I thought was a goodly amount of sculpture for a two-person show and the wire I'd purchased for doing the wire and paper work in conjunction with the clay forms was all gone. But this form wanted to be made. 

In my head this piece was being created to have a beautiful spiral of wire and paper inside like an inverted paperwasp nest, but alas, when I opened up the twist top it came out looking like a swan.  Going with that form I went with a yin-yang decoration and the "spiral" inside turned out to resemble  feathers with a hidden message. I had some nicer wire on hand that may not tarnish, so it's a clean, fluffy look inside.

It feels like my swan song should be long over by now, but I find myself still humming a few bars now and then. Ha!


  1. I love the direction you are going with this piece Cynthia!

  2. oh thanks... not sure how practical making sculpture like this is, tho... (was in the production pottery world too long not to care about that side of the biz)

  3. Wow!! lovely creation and love your work. Good to know....

  4. Wow!! lovely piece i must say. Very artistic. Thanks for sharing...

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