Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starting Fresh

This year's Spring Cleanup for the studio sale was a bit more intense. Decided to also do a 25-year accumulation purge to dedicate more space to pottery storage and a more organized studio. Since this is being the year of "starting over," a cleaned out space seemed in order.

Out went boxes of bad photos and many negatives, wedding presents only used once if ever, 2 typewriters (DID save the ancient 100 pound Royal), appliances that still had a little life, a lot of paperwork from CFF and the art biz that was obsolete, furniture that made sense at one point but no longer, etc. And boxes and boxes of books. Small dumpster was full in just 2 days, and thankfully neighbor loaned her recycle cart so I had two to fill. The Queen Bee, Kristin Bertilson, came and helped haul away everything that could be donated. She had good ideas for consolidated work areas and tips for keeping it organized into the future. Just like calling for a therapy appointment, making the call to her got my brain into an organizing mindset.

I won't embarrass myself with showing any before photos, but below are the new work spaces that I hope are organized enough to entice a few class and/or workshop attendees:
New display/holding area for more pots instead of accumulated junk

Show furniture and packing materials all in one spot close to door

Shipping area with supplies in one place
Work table and shelf cleared of clutter.

Tools and underglazes organized

Forms and molds all together

All of this effort was completed just in time to welcome four prominent Salem artists to my studio for a visit: Heidi Preuss Grew, Kristin Kuhns, Corrine Loomis Dietz and Bonnie Hull, chief artist herder. We also got to visit the ever evolving home and studio of Ella Rhoades just around the corner, and the calming environs of Claudia Cave up the hill.

This Saturday the Art in the Garden studio sale and then back to work being a potter.

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  1. Nothing sparks creativity like a freshly cleaned studio!