Monday, August 12, 2013

Form and Function Working Together

My Neighbor and OSU Emeritus Prof Michael Burgett gave me a quick tour of OSU's Honey Bee Hive Laboratory where a piece he'd commissioned from me is hard at work. (See original post.)

At the beautifully landscaped lab, they have working hives of many different designs, including my pottery hive, created to look like a Greek-style Hive used centuries ago and also today.

Underneath a marble lid you'll find rows of wooden slats.
Each slat is spaced the distance bees like to make their combs.
It appears they like using it. Comb in process.
Comb being filled with honey.
A couple other types of hives: European-style, and how the bees did it before we humans decided we would like to harvest some of their hard work... 

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