Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Festival Week

The gallery view of "Dream Tree". Yes, resting on my laurels another week because this is the week all heck breaks lose with orchestrating the Corvallis Fall Festival -- my day job in arts administration. The 36th annual this year and it's hard to turn off my brain with all the details to deal with.

Most of the time artists are my best friends, comrades and mentors. This week they are a royal pain in the patooey as they cancel our show, call with myriads of questions that should've been asked weeks before or whine... It's all part of life, though, as we are all getting older with aging bodies and parents who are failing and brains that don't always remember as well as they should. So really, I'm not complaining because sooner or later the shoe will be on the other foot and I'll be that whining, forgetful artist.

Here's hoping to get back in the studio soon.


  1. ...and many thanks from us, the audience/shoppers, that get/s to enjoy the show!

  2. Hey, Thanks for checking in now and then... I'm finally back in the studio.