Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle

After the Fall Festival hubbub, wrap-up work and post event vacation, I'm finally back in my basement studio slinging clay. I'm working on a sculpture for the Corvallis Arts Center's Chocolate Fantasy Auction, and making pots for salt and wood firing. Feels good.

This Mt Hood Porcelain vase turned out pretty nice: chubby fullness, off kilter pose. The flames should lick around it nicely. Still just greenware 10" tall-NFS.

Speaking of vacations...In October we spent some time eating and drinking our way through the South of France, and with a little over 24-hours in Paris, also visited the wonderful Nikki de Staint Phalle fountain again. What a delight. The engineering to keep it going is mind boggling. Stravinsky Fountain:

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