Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally, the Spring Order Complete!

Finally got two butter dishes completed -- and it only took me 5 months!

Sometimes special orders have a way of going wrong, very, very wrong... My first dishes were too small as I didn't figure the clay shrinkage correctly and were too small to fit over a cube of butter. The second attempts came out horribly in the glaze firing. Then the festival (my other job) began to loom and time in the studio dribbled to a few pieces a week. Finally got enough pots completed for a kiln load and got these out yesterday.

The smaller one is sleeker and easier to lift off the dish. The other one has a nice hefty feel. I'll have to remember to make the indentions deeper on future models so there is a good solid place to grip the top.



  1. These are lovely, i feel your pain about custom work,my custom orders have a curse placed on them..always have to make 4 to get one and lots of redos so the profit margins are poop.

  2. And most embarrassing that this has been hanging out there since May! It's been fun seeing so much of your work on FB! Are you mostly wholesaling your beads or just custom one-of sales?